January’s Finest Detox 
Infused Water | Food Photography Ireland

January 20, 2015

January’s Finest Detox 
Infused Water | Food Photography Ireland

20 days into January…but it’s only now that I feel I’ve finally got my ducks in a row…situation back to normal. To brighten up your new healthy lifestyle, here is January’s finest detox infused water.

I had the pleasure of working with Green Warrior, Sligo’s plant based food company, in order to bring you this delicious refreshment.
Strawberry infused water, Jar filled with fruit - Food Photography by Andrea Lucy

In the words of  Green Warrior, this is the perfect January detox drink. It’s best if it’s sipped continuously throughout the day to provide you with tonnes of hydration and nutrients.

Cucumbers are primarily water based fruit, with a 95% water content. They are the perfect go-to green when your skin is feeling dull from the harsh winter weather. Strawberries, while adding gorgeous colour to your plate, are also jam packed with vitamin C…having the highest vitamin C content of all berries.

Strawberries are sure to get your eyes twinkling and your skin glowing. With a 90% water content, your body will thank you for these ruby pops of hydration.

Lime and mint are not only a classic flavour combination, they also aid digestive issues and weight loss.



2 litres spring water*

1 medium cucumber, sliced

1 cup strawberries, sliced

2 limes, sliced

A small bunch of mint leaves, chopped

Optional edible flowers

Before going to bed at night, fill a jug with 2 litres of  water, place in the sliced cucumbers, strawberries, lime and chopped mint. In the morning, grab a glass of this gorgeous infused water and sip throughout the day.

*Use sparkling water for a picnic in summer, don’t forget to infuse for 10-15 mins before drinking.

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