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March 02, 2015

Three years ago the idea of visiting Iceland creeped into my mind and never left. It took until now to make it there. Iceland you are a beast. This beautiful dramatic land has filled me with inspiration and amazement. My brain is now running a million miles a hour.


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A highlight from this trip was visiting a Greenhouse full to the brim with tomatoes. These are cultivated all year round using the latest technology, in an environmentally-friendly way: green energy, pure water and organic pest controls.


Iceland | Greenhouse | Tomatoes


Icelandic horticulturists manage pests using biological controls. The most effective of these is the predatory mired bug Macrolophus pygmaeus, which devours all the main pests that afflict tomato plants. A good grower will also strive to manage temperature, humidity and watering so that the plants flourish and produce the optimum yield. In the nursery greenhouse, seeds are planted, and the plants grow in pots for their first six weeks, with automated watering. When the plants are transplanted into the greenhouse they are flowering on the first truss, and seven to eight weeks later the first tomatoes blush red.


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After a look around seeing how everything works the owner treated us with his amazingly fresh tomato soup. Hands down the best tomato soup I have tasted.


Food Photography | Tomato Soup | Iceland


Well done you guys this is truly great operation you got going on!


© 2015 Andrea Lucy | Food photography & Food styling | Ireland

© 2015 Andrea Lucy | Food photography & Food styling | Ireland

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